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Small Pendant Whistle Bottles, birds, fish and whale. Small whistle has a high, delicate sound. Plays four notes. I don’t put a whole scale on these, so they are easy to play and great for simple, free-form phrases--$20
Basic Ocarina
Four-hole tuning plays a full octave. Available in various pod shapes as well as bird, fish, rabbit, and whale--$40
Larger Ocarina and Fancy Shapes Pod, bird, fish, rabbit, whale, dolphin, cat, dog, turtle, mouse, manatee, beaver, shark, as available. You may special order a shape, but please allow several weeks for firing--$45
Five-hole Models
Four finger holes, plus a thumb hole allows you to play one full octave, plus one whole note. Plays in both major and minor mode. Bottles, birds--$50
Larger 5-Hole
Pods, bottles, birds, fish, rabbits, manatee, whales, dolphins, sharks, mice, turtles--$55

Large Bass Ocarinas
These one-of-a-kind pieces include frogs, snakes, and lizards sculpted onto the large pod. Full moon faces are also available--$60 to $250 Please contact us for details.

Pocket Pipes: The Multiple Ocarinas

We’ve developed this instrument especially for Celtic and traditional music, and free-form harmonic exploration. These ocarinas play two or three notes at once, producing a bagpipe-like sound--only sweet, soft, and mellow. One of the chambers serves as a chanter to play the melody, while the other one or two chambers act as a drone to produce harmonies and chords. We have developed many tunings in both major and minor modes. Several models are described below, but keep in mind that each instrument is unique in appearance and sound.-Please call to discuss availability and hear the instrument.


The chanter has five holes; the drone usually has a double thumbhole producing three drone notes, accommodating both major & minor modes--$75-$350

Four-Note Drone Models:

The four-note drone uses a third finger as well as the thumb. Our most evolved piece, this model offers more harmonic possibilities--$125-$350

Full Moon Faces:

I only make her on the full moon. Single and double models are available.
Special Orders and One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Other multiple and large bass ocarinas are available on request. We also create beaded necklaces strung with ceramic Roachbeads, Roach lampwork glass, African Trade beads, old Czech glass and Miyuki glass.

Call us at (812) 739-4726 or e-mail us to discuss your special requests.
Please allow adequate time for delivery.